Crazy busy

Just got back from a crazy couple of days in Los Angeles. Scary stat of the day? I flew four hours from L.A. to Chicago tonight, and the air temp dropped 80 degrees. Whoa.

Last night started out strong — I got to have dinner with a former co-worker, John Lipsey, who just bought a place in the Hollywood Hills (nextdoor neighbor? Danny Bonaduce) — and just got better. In the middle of dinner, I got a call on my cell from David Lawrence, who invited me to join him on his nightly radio show, so I ended up finishing the evening with an hour in studio on The David Lawrence show, talking about FeedBurner, the dubious flurry of stories about “podjacking” (kudos to David for digging into that particular story) and the state of feeds in general. Other than David’s odd fascination with my shaving habits (sorry, you’ll just have to listen), it was a great time, followed by a great meal (yes, I had two dinners last night – is that an L.A. thing?). David’s a fascinating guy — and I hope I get to visit him again on the show.

Today was a flurry of meetings, followed by a mad-dash to LAX. When I got to the rental return at 3:45 (for a 4:25 flight), I was sure I’d miss my flight and end up on the red eye. A nearly 15 minute shuttle bus to the terminal would seem to have sealed it. But then it was a total of five minutes from shuttle bus to check-in, security, and gate — something I thought I’d never again experience post 9/11. I even had time to buy a book before the flight (State of Fear by Michael Crichton, which, in spite of my Democratic leanings, I’m really enjoying). Nuts.

I’m in the office tomorrow, and for those of you in Chicago who might be interested, I’m speaking at the Publicity Club of Chicago on Thursday with the Tribune’s Eric Zorn about podcasting, blogging and RSS. I’ve never met Eric, should be a lot of fun.

Next week, Syndicate in San Francisco, then rumor has it a holiday when I can catch my breath.

Must… sleep…

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