Peter Drucker, RIP

I’ve written about Peter Drucker quite a bit in the past: here, here, here, and here. He was the first to understand the concept of a “knowledge worker” (he coined the term), and foresaw the significant ramifications of that evolution. His Wikipedia bio is here, for those that want to know a bit more about him.

He passed away yesterday at the age of 95. From the Trib article:

Contrary to the Henry Ford approach of breaking down tasks assembly-line style, Drucker understood how managers could motivate workers to use their heads on the job, said John Edwardson, chief executive of Vernon Hills-based CDW Corp.

“The militaristic way of running your company is not the best way,” Edwardson said. “He got a lot of people thinking about relating to people differently and motivating people differently. So much of what we do today is so infused with what he did.”

Update: Via Ross, I see that Drucker’s grandson, Nova Spivack, wrote up a brief remembrance of Drucker’s passing.

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