More tornadoes possible

Tom Skilling advises today that more tornadoes are possible, and that they often happen at night. Three days ago, a tornado ripped through southern Indiana, killing 22 people. This graf caught Robin’s eye:

Authorities said that sirens blared in many of the communities and that the emergency broadcast system was activated to alert people to the coming storm, but officials believe many people slept through the warnings or could not hear the sirens because of the winds.

Yesterday afternoon I ordered the First Alert WX-167 emergency weather radio for a little under $50; thanks to the free trial of Amazon Prime they gave me, $3.99 has it arriving later today. It’ll sound an alarm inside the house if a tornado warning has been issued by NOAA, and seems to have some great features (rechargeable battery slots, so it’ll keep the batteries charged, then run off batteries in the event of a power outage), ability to localize the receiver so you can receive alerts from neighboring counties (and ignore alerts from counties/areas that don’t matter).

Seems like a small price to pay to keep the family safe.

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