FEMA is on the line: what kind of trailer would you like?

Ernie shares his latest New Orleans adventure, this time dealing with FEMA:

Yesterday I got a call from FEMA.  The representative asked if I was still displaced from my home.  I told her that I had been back in my house for about a month (I guess the house call that FEMA rep Chloe made hadn’t been entered into the master computer yet – see prior my post on this).  Undaunted by this information she proceeded to read the next question on her list: “Would you like FEMA to provide you with a trailer to live in?”

“No,” I explained with a higher pitch in my voice. “My house is fine,” adding “but I know people who do need a FEMA trailer.”  She had run out of questions and so she wished me well and hung up.

I wish FEMA well too.  What I really wish, though, is that FEMA would figure out how to process information better.  Can’t they run my zip code and see I live in an area where NO ONE is likely to qualify for a trailer.  Can their computer parse information by zip code?  If so then they should zero in on 70043 and 70044 (the St. Bernard area).  Or perhaps 70124 (Lakeview)?  I’m pretty sure there  are a lot of people in those zip codes that need trailers. [ Ernie the Attorney ]

Can’t wait to see Ernie this week at BlawgThink, which I’ve been remiss in posting about (have I mentioned I’ve been busy?) but am excited about catching up with a whole bunch of friends.

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