Busy times at FeedBurner

I mentioned the other day we’ve been busy; announcements yesterday and today give you an idea of what we’re up to. Brad Feld, who sits on our board, talked about what he thinks this means, and Frank Gruber shares some of his thoughts as well as links to a number of comments about the recent news.

We’re excited about what we’ve built over the course of this year, and what’s even more energizing is that this is just a beginning. The bottom line is that publishers, as they recognize that their print circulation represents a declining audience, need the web to sustain innovation. I’ve been in the publishing business in one shape or another for the last ten years — as a publisher, an author, a columnist, a designer, even a would-be programmer. Today I’m in a wonderful position, talking to publishers of all kinds — from weblog networks to large newspapers, and seemingly everyone in between. And instead of waiting for the technology to develop, they’re actively working to integrate it into their business.

That rocks.

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