WeMedia Stats run-down

Interesting, in the intro video at WeMedia, these are the stats they’ve quoted:

  • Daily Kos weblog gets 700,000 daily visits. (It’s actually 750,000, but that’s still a huge number.) I’m sending Markos an e-mail right now, he’ll get a kick out of being the representative weblog at an AP conference.
  • Dawn & Drew podcast has 200,000 daily listeners.
  • Wikis take off, leading to 1.3m articles in 100 languages. (That actually seems low to me.)
  • Technorati tracks 19m weblogs (as of 8am this morning – gotta love on-the-fly PowerPoint)

  • 80,000 weblogs are created every day

(Lots of other stats quoted, I am clearly out of practice live-blogging conferences.)

The video says that people are increasingly asking the news orgs to predict the future, that things are uncertain. Then, they suggest that “we already know where this leads” —

  • One world

  • Many voices

And one thing I’ve already learned? Listening to a hip-hop song with a sinus infection just further aggravates an already annoying situation.

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