October month in review

Eric Zorn e-mailed me a couple weeks ago to participate in his popular month in review series, in which he surveys various Illinois bloggers for perspectives on which were the important stories of the month. With apologies to Eric (who, it should be noted, was warned this might happen), my suggestions are rather inwardly focused:

Most Significant Story of the Month: The birth of Rebecca Adeline Klau
Winner of the Month: Rebecca Adeline Klau, who already has her father tied around her finger
Loser of the Month: Me, who breaks into a cold sweat thinking about a teenaged daughter (that this moment is 13 years away is no consolation whatsoever)
Most Under-Reported Story: Quite possible I missed any MSM coverage of her birth, but I’d have to say that the calls from the press about Rebecca’s birth were shockingly few (er, none)
Most Over-Reported Story: Something about a baseball team happened this week, I’m sure of it… I swear I heard someone talking about it on the radio as I changed Becca’s diaper at 3 this morning.
Story to Watch in the Coming Month: Will Rick ever get sleep again?

Like I said, apologies in advance to Eric for bailing on this. But I haven’t seen a paper or followed the news much in the past week, and my view of things has been more than a bit myopic for the past 7 days. If I’m invited to participate again (what are the odds?!), I promise to devote more time to it. Really.