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In anticipation of our upcoming arrival, I brought home a new Canon S2 IS digital camera. It’s not an SLR — those are still a bit pricey for my tastes, and I likely wouldn’t take full advantage anyway… I’ve been out of the camera saddle for too long, spoiled by years of point-and-shoot.

This camera sure appears to have the goods — and in reading through the manual (you know I’m serious when I do that!), it’s occurring to me just how much I’ve forgotten about how to take a good picture. Exposure bracketing, flash adjustments… not to mention all the tweaks that are possible with this kind of camera that weren’t even thinkable a mere 10 years ago (the last time I really used an SLR).

Anyone care to point me in the direction of good sites, books, downloads I should be looking at to get back up to speed?

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  1. Rick, you are gonna love this camera. The only drawback – and frankly moving from a Nikon 5200, for me it was a big one – is the size. You can't just drop this in your pocket and go. But, once you're beyond that, this thing takes beautiful shots and is incredibly easy to use.Do yourself a favor, if you haven't already, and get a high-speed SD card. I got a SanDisk Ultra II (they're making Ultra III now) one gig card. Without a high-speed, high-capacity card, the movie mode is practically useless, unless you like shooting 15 second segments. With a high-speed card, though, you've always got a very decent quality movie camera with you at all times. And the best part is there's none of that annoying motor sound being picked up that I get from my Sony camcorder.

  2. Now back to our regularly scheduled programmingWow, time sure flies with a newborn in the house and the busiest period yet at work. I’ll probably get back to normal by next week, there’s a ton going on I want to throw in my $.02. In the…

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