Chills – Citizen Generated Images

Tom Curley, CEO of AP, just did a collection of citizen-generated media that has become iconic in our generation. The images included the photo of the Concorde that blew up, the jet before hitting tower two, the tube after the bombing, the American soldiers storming Elian Gonzalez’s hiding place, and video from vacationers during the tsunami. All stunning, instantly memorable images — and it had never occurred to me that every one was taken by a citizen, not by a pro.

(Interesting side-note: the video, which we’d all seen before, was heavily edited before airing at the time. The full video includes the Dad, with thick British accent, saying “Jesus Christ.” Followed by his son (I’d guess 8 or so), mimicing his Dad. Then “Bloody hell.” Again, mimicked by his son. Then “Fucking hell” which the son wisely didn’t mimic.)

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