We’re hiring

If you’re in the Chicago area and are interested in working for a fast-growing company that’s got the locals all a-buzz, then you should drop us a line. We’re got a number of positions open, including one working with me on the business development side. (Whether that’s a pro or con is not my place to judge.)

Who’s the ideal candidate for the business development position? If you’re a hungry, Internet-savvy individual who likes working with tech-oriented customers, you’ve got a good start. You’ve probably got a few years of sales or business development background, you can not only spell API and RSS, you know what they mean (and why they matter). You probably know that flickr doesn’t have an ‘e’, you know where the periods go in delicious’s maddening URL, and you don’t get a quizzical look on your face when someone says “web 2.0”. You can work on deadline, like to have fun, and are willing to use a PC so you can help me keep the PC/Mac balance in the office just right. (We might be flexible on that last point.)

If any of this sounds like you, send me a note at rickk@feedburner.com. Thanks.

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