Best connectivity is in the Bronx

Absolutely fantastic article over at the IEEE website about Urban Telephone and Video, two entrepreneurs who’ve delivered the “triple play” (phone, TV, Internet access) to households in the Bronx for $99/month. (Hat tip: Techdirt.) Here are two guys (Doug Frazier and Stuart Reid) who sum up their business strategy with a local saying:

“An old saying in this community is ‘Don’t talk about it, be about it.’ And we realized long ago that once you begin to be about it, people will continue to let you be about it. So even though you’ve got something different or something new, if you’ve got the evidence that you aren’t just talking about it, people are going to pay attention.”

These guys compete with the heavyweights, continuously innovate their offerings, respond to their customers, and give back to the community. As they say, “New York City is so big and so dense that you don’t have to be terribly successful to be terribly successful.” I love it.

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