Ernie in New Orleans

I swapped SMS messages with Ernie last night, and all was well (relatively speaking, of course). But according to the most recent post at his blog, a friend of his relays that things are getting a bit hairy:

NEWSFLASH: Making a break for it. At this point he is looking to escape the city – we are working in concert with state hotlines (if we can get thru), the news, the Internet and The Only Vincent to see if we can work him out of there somehow. Most roads are closed, water is rising and it’s just getting uglier. If anyone can comment on open roads, known (and safe) escape routes throughout the NW side of the city, please post asap. Helicopter anyone?

If anyone’s got a suggestion, feel free to e-mail me ( and I’ll forward it on to Ernie via SMS (the only way to contact him right now, as his cell service isn’t working and the phone lines are down).

Update: Ernie’s out, made it to Jennings, LA.

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