Emily Lord in Chicago next week

I’ve written about Emily Lord before (here and here), and I’m quite excited that she’ll be performing in Chicago next Thursday (9/1) at Hideout. The downside — the show’s at 11pm, which means my lovely wife can’t accompany me (rumor has it pregnant women need lots of rest). Robin’s being quite gracious in encouraging me to go, however (she remembers my comments about musical regrets a few months back, and knows that I’ve wanted to see Emily perform for 10 years, since my brother’s senior year at N.D.). Anyone care to accompany me?

Bonus musical shout-out: got an e-mail from the alumni department at my alma mater, Lafayette College, talking about 2000 grad Katie Todd, an up-and-coming artist. She’s performing in Chicago Saturday night at Metro with Dave Tamkin (who, oddly enough, I wrote about previously as well). I downloaded her single from iTunes (it was last week’s free download) and love it, it’s a great tune. You can hear more songs at the band’s MySpace site — and you can buy the whole album at iTunes.

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