chmod 777 web

Working for a company that many have described as a “Web 2.0” company, I absolutely love this characterization of what Web 2.0 means…

I somehow missed this post from IBM developer James Snell written in May.  He describes Web 2.0 as “chmod 777 web“.  He adds some perspective on what Web 2.0 means to him:

“Web sites that let you do stuff are more important than web sites that only let you read stuff.”

[Matt McAlister]

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  1. well, 777 permissions make for an interesting time, but it's also very valid to have a “chmod 775” web where anyone in your group can make changes but others can only read. add to this an easy way to form groups and I think you have something even better, since a little bit of friction in group forming can be helpful in decreasng spam.

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