Stay off the river, DMB is coming to town

Zorn takes issue with this the Dave Matthews Band flushing its past down the, well, read on…

“Chicago Forgives Dave Matthews -– Dave Matthews Band Fans and Survivors of Last Year’s Incident Celebrate the Return of the band to Chicago” is slated for Friday morning, 7-10 a.m., at the Wendella dock on the Chicago River near the Wrigley Building.

The media advisory says the event will “feature a giant, 20-foot toilet balloon.”

Such décor doesn’t sound to me as though it will promote healing from “last year’s incident” in which Matthews’ bus driver emptied an onboard septic tank onto a tour boat and drenched the passengers with, um, sewage. … Meanwhile, merrymakers will be offered “samples of Ben & Jerry’s new flavor, Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies.” [Eric Zorn’s Notebook]

Memo to publicist responsible for this promotion: when the faux-pas you’re trying to overcome is raw sewage, “Magic Brownie” ice cream might just send the wrong signal. Just maybe.

Update: Jake has the same reaction

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  1. Took a stroll down by the river today. Yep, it is a pretty big inflatable toilet. Took a picture with the camera phone, but I don't think it will turn out that well. I saw one lady looking acorss the river with a funny look on her face indicating the thought “What the heck is that?!”. The back of the toilet has a No sign (circle with a slash through it and the word NO in the middle). NO DUMPING! Just plain silly.

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