New way to meet the neighbors

This cracked me up:

The folks across the street emailed me because they discovered my iTunes collection via wireless. [Paul Boutin]
On a related tangent, I just secured my wifi network. I noticed that one of my neighbors was piggy-backed on the connection pretty much constantly — and while I didn’t mind the occasional convenient connection, I was mildly annoyed that they were using it permanently.
But as I type this, I can’t quite figure out what the distinction is…

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  1. Good post Rick! Two things:1- I'm the same way about WiFi. Half of me wants to leaves it open because I know I always appreciate an open WiFi network when I'm away from home. But the other half doesn't want my neighbors permanently squatting on the thing.2- Discovering shared iTunes libraries was awesome fun on the public campus networks at UW-Madison. More on that here:

  2. p.s. The “Post” and “Preview” buttons don't work on your comment preview page. Someone forgot to tell them that you renamed mt-comments.cgi 🙂

  3. It's a trespass.The neighbor's walking across the corner of your yard to pick up his football is no big deal. The neighbor who wears a trail across your yard as he goes to work each morning trespasses — until he comes over, asks, and you give him permission.

  4. Nicole and I have had the same issue. There are three WiFi Connections available in our place. We leave ours open because ours has been used by the outside only a few times. However, it is a pain when you want to use your own bandwidth…There is a case in Florida where a person is charged with unauthorized access to a computer network because of WiFi. He was parking across the street from the house, and when the homeowner got nervous about a strange car parked in front for days, he called the cops. Guy had laptop, printer, and coffee. Said he had been doing it for weeks.Probably a good move to secure it.

  5. If you don't mind him using it occasionally then change the sid to something like “donthogmybandwidth” or “goawayneighbour”My main problem is the neighbours wifi drowning out my access point with theirs.

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