Fred Faulkner: New ABA Webmaster

On the subject of job announcements, my friend Fred Faulkner is about to become the ABA’s first webmaster. It’s a great fit, and there are sure to be some dramatic improvements in the ABA’s web presence. What’s shocking isn’t that they’ve hired Fred (that should’ve been a foregone conclusion — he’s been at the ABA for years in the LPM section) — it’s that it’s taken the ABA nearly 10 years to create the position. (Side note: my first post-law school employer,, was responsible for several early versions of the ABA’s site dating back to late 1995.) Congrats, Fred!

Today I have accepted a new role at the ABA.  On July 26th I will assume the position of Webmaster for the American Bar Association (ABA).  In this role I will be responsible for a variety of duties.  The short list includes:

  • Developing and implementing standardization guidelines
  • Coordinate association branding via the Web site
  • Content coordination between member and entity groups
  • Strategic interaction between staff, members, leadership, and the general public in regards to the ABA Web site
  • Research and recommend new Web technologies to increase ABA member benefits [Let’s Ride – Fred Faulkner’s Blog About the Road Called “Life”]

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