Experience with NextAlarm?

Wondering whether anyone out there has experience using NextAlarm? They can redirect your ADT or Brink’s alarm hardware to their service center, and provide Internet-based monitoring of your alarm. They’ll e-mail alerts, provide online account access (two things that ADT doesn’t do) and they’re far less expensive than ADT. I’m pretty impressed so far in checking them out, but would love first-hand reports if anyone has them…

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  1. i signed up for nextalarm, and even got the modem – the problem has been reprogramming my alarm system to get it to work with nextalerm – which i cannot get anyone to do without also selling me service.seems like a good idea an one ADT is looking into as well. of course, then you are dependent on your internet connection for security, so caveat emptor.

  2. Thanks, Steve. I've been generally unimpressed with ADT — on at least 3 occasions, they've stopped receiving signals from our alarm (in one case, apparently, for more than 3 weeks), and never bothered to tell us.Couple weeks back, we had a 'low battery' message flashing (and beeping), so I called customer service. I asked how long the message would continue to beep, or whether I could disable the beep. “I can't answer that, since I don't own an alarm” was one guy's response. His manager's response? “I can't speculate about what's causing it.” (Um, wouldn't knowing how her product was supposed to operate be, oh, at least half the job description?)I've asked NextAlarm whether they can use an analog line as a backup, which would alleviate any worry about using the DSL line exclusively. Other than that, the quality of service (in particular the ability to review alarm events online and e-mail notifications) seems superior to ADT…–Rick

  3. I tried a company called dollar alarm (www.Dollaralarm.com) and they did the same thing for me for only $59.95 switch over fee and then $1.00 per month!! What a savings and what a great job!

  4. Hey, RickI just bought a house that has a security system in it and I was looking at Next Alarm as my monitoring provider. This post you made is pretty old, but I was wondering if you did end up going with NextAlarm and how your experience has been.David mentioned DollarAlarm, but their web site is pretty sketchy, which is not impressive for a security company. It looks like they ripped off the Dollar car rental logo (unless this is a subsidiary, but if it was, I'd think they could get a full-resolution copy of the logo), and they describe their easy three-step process and then only show two steps. I am a firm believer due to much experience that “You get what you pay for,” and I am not looking for crap. Then again, I don't want to be throwing money away needlessly…

  5. I realize this post is ancient, but I've had NextAlarm since 2004 and they've been great.s I spent about three years using regular phone-based monitoring, and switched over to the ABN broadband system about a year ago.s No problems whatsoever.s I've also set up a non-technical family member on her own alarm system under NextAlarm, and their tech support has been very patient & helpful walking her through configuration and operation.s There are one or two cheaper companies out there (I'm thinking Alarm Relay and maybe Alarm.com), but frankly my alarm monitoring is not something I want to trust to “the cheapest company in town”.s NextAlarm has never failed me, so I'm happy continuing my grandfathered $11.95 plan.s 🙂

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