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I’ve been meaning to point out that my good friend Deborah McMurray is blogging now about law firms, marketing and business development. Deborah’s paved the way for many in the legal marketing world, and her insights will be a welcome addition to the blogosphere.

Legal marketers with the word “Chief“ in their title earn an average of $225,208 and a median (half are above/blow) of $200,000, according to statistics released today. The compensation for marketers with “Director“ in their title averaged $111,696 in salary and a median of $99,000.



The average annual base salary for 51% of all law firm marketers combined is less than $75,000; however 26% receive $100,000 or more. At the same time 17% of marketers said they received no annual bonus; 51% received a bonus of only $5,000 or less.



These are the findings of a new Legal Marketing Association “Roles and Compensation Survey“ that will be released July 22. A sneak preview was presented today during an LJN Web Audio Webinar, “What Legal Marketing Professionals Command for Full-Time Salary.”



Thanks to Elizabeth Lampert, President of Elizabeth LampertPR, for organizing the Webinar. All legal marketers will find this interesting, but like the noted panelists, Im hearing about much higher salaries in large, major market firms. [Deborah McMurray]

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