Spammers, how do I hate thee?

Just had my domain shut down by my webhost for about 15 minutes. I checked it out, turns out it was due to “CPU Abuse”. Translated, that means that the deluge of hits to my mt-tb.cgi and mt-comments.cgi files (the two scripts that Movable Type uses to handle trackbacks and comments) were getting hammered so badly that CPU usage on my server pegged 100% and showed no signs of letting up.

While I search for a better answer, for now, I’ve:

  • disabled trackbacks on all posts
  • renamed the trackback file so any further requests to the file will result in a 404 “file not found” error

  • rebuilt all files

I’m hoping I don’t have to turn comments off; ironically, I’ve succeeded in eliminating any spam from actually reaching the pages of the blog — but that hasn’t stopped the spammers from consuming every CPU cycle of the server my blog is hosted on (and I’m just one of many who share that particular machine).