RibFest is coming! I need some more cowbell!

RibFest is a big deal in Naperville, we regularly get 100,000+ people over 4 days to come, gorge themselves on ribs, and enjoy the music. This year’s assortment of acts — David Lee Roth, Loretta Lynn and Kenny Wayne Sheppard on the “main” stage, with Blue Oyster Cult (”Cowbell! More cowbell!“), Adrian Belew, and Urge Overkill on the “rock” stage — promises to bring a rather diverse group of fans. (Last year we had Lynyrd Skynyrd, and rumors of a near riot when the Hell’s Angels showed up to provide “security” for the band.)

Dave Richardson wonders whether Friday night we’ll see “Fat Elvis” David Lee or “Early, Rockin’ Elvis” David Lee. I’m betting on Fat Elvis.

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