Legal panel

Buzz, Denise, and Jason are leading the discussion on legal issues relating to blogging and technology. I had lunch with Denise, who mentioned that Buzz was reinstalling Windows prior to the presentation (a bizarre pre-presentation ritual?), but it looks like the machine got its issues straightened out, as they’re leading the presentation using MindManager.

Funny comment by Jason: “When PT left Weblogs, Inc., we got sued a whole lot less.” (PT, who I wrote about earlier, is the individual responsible for demonstrating how insecure the Kryptonite lock was, among a number of other things that irked corporate lawyers.)

Jason explains his strategy when he’s sued: extend the conversation, force them to file a lawsuit. Buzz just responded that Jason’s a bit delusional on this point, that lawyers are more than happy to talk at $200/hour. The crowd’s certainly enjoying Jason (who’s pointed out how often he hangs up on lawyers). Another threatened lawsuit — the Amby debate over at BloggingBaby, where BloggingBaby reported on the claims of one parent (who alleged some product defects in a crib) and the reaction of the company (who denied the allegations and sent a cease and desist letter to Weblogs, Inc.

Denise points out that the EFF guide for bloggers is a good starting point for outlining the legal implications of blogging.

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