Legal KM presentation

Was excited to see a presentation by my friends Ron Friedmann and Tania Daniels over at Ron’s blog. There’s some good stuff in there, though when they got to “Who’s out there?”, I was surprised my former employer, Interface Software (er, that’s LexisNexis Interface Software. Or is it LexisNexisInterfaceSoftware?), wasn’t on the list. When we launched InterAction 5 just about three years ago (in fact, the press tour was ending right about now), a considerable amount of the focus was on internal expertise; in fact, the subsequent release of the Matters module (no idea what it’s called these days) cemented InterAction’s ability to connect lawyers to their work product, reveal (automatically) who had what skills internally, and then use the resulting web of relationships to figure out who was right for the current project (both from a sales and a practice standpoint).

If Ron & Tania are right (and how I hope they are), and the technology is becoming more integrated into the practice of law, then I’d be surprised if InterAction isn’t in the thick of it at some of the big firms who are doing this well. I first met Tania when she was leading the InterAction charge at her firm in L.A., and I know she still works with it in her job at eSentio, so presumably she’s in a position to have a much more current view on this than I…

Anyway, just an observation. Am I off base?

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