Kinaxis gets burned

An old boss of mine, Randy Littleson, is part of the management team at manufacturing performance management company Kinaxis. They just relaunched the company (including a name change), their corporate website, and best of all, just started publishing new content in RSS.

This is just the beginning of what they’ll do with RSS, but it’s a great example of what every company should be doing. By publishing website content via RSS, they’ve made it easy for journalists, customers and partners to stay in the loop about what Kinaxis is up to. (Those feeds should include more than headlines, but that’s an easy addition.)

By running those feeds through FeedBurner, of course, Randy also gets metrics on how many people are subscribed to his feeds, reading his content, clicking through to the website — all important pieces of data that will help make the case internally that this is an important part of their web strategy.


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