In Seattle for Gnomedex

Just arrived at my hotel in Seattle for Gnomedex. On my flight out here, I realized this may be the first conference in at least a half dozen years where I’m here as an attendee, not as a speaker, a vendor or a sponsor. Ordinarily on the afternoon of arrival, I’m realizing how woefully under-prepared I am for whatever presentation it is I’m about to give — instead, I just get to schmooze, listen to the presentations and enjoy the time in Seattle.

I imagine I’ll add some observations about the presentations tomorrow and Saturday, though it appears quite likely that it will be insanely over-blogged. The 300 attendees will no doubt be accused of group navel-gazing (“Look! The bloggers are blogging about bloggers talking about blogging!”) — which, given this photo of our eponymous host on the giveaways page should be plenty of cause for concern.

In all seriousness, I’m excited about meeting a number of the attendees, several of whom I’ve “known” for years but haven’t had an opportunity to meet in person.

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