Geez, Dave

Your post today asks when FeedBurner will address the concerns you voiced here last month. As noted here (on FeedBurner’s public forums), and here on my blog more than a year ago (and here on my blog just a few days ago), this has always been how we encourage users to operate. It takes just a few minutes (as noted in the comments to my post) and protects the user entirely. If they’re ever not satisfied with FeedBurner’s service, they turn the redirect off. No problem whatsoever, we have no lock-in.

In fact, you and I swapped e-mails about this back in August, when you replied (after I described my use of .htaccess), “That’s the right way to do it, spread the word.”

Just trying to do exactly that. Let me know what else I can do to put this to bed.

Update: Thanks to Dave for pointing to this post. Sorry if I communicated our intent poorly — I think our intent is pretty clear from our public forums where we document how to retain control over your feed. Ultimately, that’s up to the readers to decide.