First T-ball game

Last week we had our first t-ball practice:

That’s Ricky looking at me instead of the batter…

Yesterday was the first game (I’m an assistant coach), and the kids did really well. Of course, I nearly screamed myself hoarse as I implored the kids to “THROW IT TO FIRST!” which works fairly well, until you realize that you may as well tell the kids that last month’s jobs report was anemic. In other words, they don’t really grasp all the fundamentals of the game yet, so they don’t have much context for helpfully yelled directions.

So we relaxed, and were thrilled to see the kids actually get three outs on the other team (the other team managed no outs). It’s a start!

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  1. When will it end! Our rites of passage in this life seem to pass through all of these activities with our kids. And too, who knew that baseball was so damn complex until you start telling or screaming to the the little critters to initiate step one: try to get the other guy out.Good luck man! I would know nothing about this whole business of t-ball. Yeah right! My job is to hold the baby while Betsy takes control.

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