Dean on the Republican Party

This is just getting out of hand.

Please, Howard, I beg you: build the party, let the Republican party marginalize itself. You’re doing us no favors with these repeated insults of our fellow Americans.

A wise philosopher once said (or was it Ice-T?) “don’t hate the playa, hate the game.” In other words, focus on the impact of the Republican policies, not the Republicans (and if you’re going to target Republicans, focus on the elected officials, not the voters).

2 responses to “Dean on the Republican Party”

  1. Rick – I'm not a Dean advocate, but I kind of wonder if this might actually be a useful positioning, particularly on the faith side. It'll be interesting to see if the news discussion of Dean's comments get beyond how “crazy Dean is” and take a look for more than just isolated examples that prove Dean wrong.

  2. Shhhh, don't stir up trouble, Rick. We wouldn't want Howard to lose his position as DNC chair. It's working too well for us Republicans.Dean is right about Republicans of not being “more welcoming to different folks”… I mean, it wasn't a Republican that boldy proclaimed he wanted to be the candidate for “guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks” and it's not the Republican party that welcomes with open arms a Senator who once recruited for the KKK. All hail diversity and multiculturalism…. DNC-style.

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