17 Senators Who Didn’t Support Lynching Apology

The list of US Senators who chose not to co-sponsor the lynching apology adopted at the U.S. Senate yesterday:

  • Alexander, Lamar (R – TN)
  • Bennett, Robert (R – UT)
  • Cochran, Thad (R – MS)
  • Cornyn, John (R – TX)
  • Crapo, Michael (R – ID)
  • Enzi, Michael (R – WY)
  • Grassley, Chuck (R – IA)
  • Gregg, Judd (R – NH)
  • Hatch, Orrin (R – UT)
  • Hutchison, Kay (R – TX)
  • Kyl, Jon (R – AZ)
  • Lott, Trent (R – MS)
  • Shelby, Richard (R – AL)
  • Smith, Gordon (R – OR)
  • Sununu, John (R – NH)

  • Thomas, Craig (R – WY)

4,742 recorded lynchings in U.S. history.

(Note: the list originally included Sen. Landrieu in error; her name’s been removed, so it’s actually 16 Senators who failed to add their name to the bill.)

4 responses to “17 Senators Who Didn’t Support Lynching Apology”

  1. Rick, your title mentions “support” but the text refers to those who did not sponsor the resolution. There is a difference.

  2. Good catch re: Landrieu, I've updated the post. (I'd copied/pasted from the blog article I linked to, hence the error.)Re: support vs. sponsor, yes there's a difference (and indicated that they were not co-sponsors in the body of the post). I guess my question is: if they _did_ support the measure, why not add their name to a measure of such historical significance?

  3. I guess my question is: if they _did_ support the measure, why not add their name to a measure of such historical significance?“Perhaps because it's being done for publicity only by those who are sponsoring it. It's a sham piece of legislation by a body who ought to be doing more about today's issues instead of dredging up old things that can be rehashed to blame America for something.Why should folks who were elected to office decades after such atrocities be required to offer formal apologies for things they didn't do? Why not get the lynchers together and make THEM apologize? It's like this whole reparations joke. Why are non-victims seeking money and apologies from non-participants?If anyone in the Senate ought to be apologizing to black people, it's Robert Byrd… for actively recruiting, supporting and being a member of such lynching groups.THE RACE CARD – Don't run for election without it.

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