What smart CEOs are doing

From Rafe Needleman:

I keep a small blog, rafeneedleman.com. By small, I mean it doesn’t get a lot of traffic. Yet nearly every time I mention a startup company in it, I quickly get an e-mail from the CEO regarding the post. How is it possible that such a small blog can be so widely read? It isn’t, of course – the stats I get from my blog host (Typepad) and my RSS feed host (Feedburner) tell me the harsh truth every day. But most smart tech CEOs, I believe, are using a service such as PubSub to track the Web and the blogosphere. When their own name or that of their company appears in my blog or anybody else’s, they know about it nearly instantly. [ Release 1.0 ]

Interesting that, one year ago today, I first blogged about giving FeedBurner a try. Less than a day later, I received an e-mail from one of the founders. We met for lunch, stayed in touch, and now here I am, working for him.

I’ve tried hard to be responsive to comments I read about in the blogs about FeedBurner, and it sure seems to work. As Rafe says, it’s not hard, and the tools are more than sufficient at helping you respond quickly.

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