Upgrade funkiness

I upgraded the back-end of this weblog to Movable Type 3.16 — so far, nothing appears to be misbehaving. I have noticed one of their reported bug-fixes: no more cryptic error messages during site rebuilds! I’d long ago learned to ignore them, but it’s nice to know that they really were harmless (and equally nice not to see them anymore).

In the process, I realized that one of my favorite plugins, MT-Textile, was in version 2 and I’d never upgraded. I needed to follow the directions here to update the mySQL database that houses all the data for this blog (unfortunate side-effect: the RSS feed regenerated all items — sorry to all of you who are reading this in an aggregator).

In any event, things appear to be working fine… if you see anything that doesn’t appear to be working properly, leave a comment here or just send me an e-mail.

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