Tickle your e-mail in Outlook

Great post by Adrian Trenholm (link via Lifehacker). A snippet:

I wanted to take email which I didn’t want to deal with straight away, remove it from my inbox, then have it automatically reappear in my inbox when I was ready to work on it. Having read Merlin Mann’s email diet, I hit on the idea of flagging the email, but leaving it in the inbox. Of course, David Allen suggests that you operate from an empty inbox, so I use Outlook’s grouping, sorting and filtering to make my inbox appear empty, even while it holds flagged items.

Great idea. I’ve been on a deleting frenzy in my inbox lately, and have my work inbox down to under 100 messages and my personal mailbox down to 16. I’m getting there, and this little trick will be a great enhancement.

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  1. Keeping the inbox clear is tough work but so critical to your practice. I take my laptop home for the weekend and try to have the inbox organized by Monday morning each week. It is an easy activity while watching sports on TV. I file my flagged items in their respective client folders and access the flagged items folder to see everything that needs follow-up. Enrico Schaefer.

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