In New York at Syndicate

I’m in New York at the Syndicate Conference in New York today (and tomorrow), and have had a terrific time finally meeting so many people who I’ve “known” for years. (Finally got to meet Scoble!)

I’m too exhausted to post a full recap of the day’s events, other than to note that I hope I didn’t embarass myself or IDG in sitting in on the panel about the ‘04 Election, which originally was due to have Zack Exley from MoveOn (and the Kerry campaign); due to a death in the family Zack couldn’t make it and Nicco suggested that they put me on in Zack’s place. Zack’s contributions were missed, but we did what we could in his absence.

It was a lot of fun, and was the second time I’ve sat on a panel with Markos (of Daily Kos fame). Nicco was, as always, a joy to catch up with — he’s built a great business at Echo Ditto and is in the middle of some incredible conversations. The audience was primarily corporate marketers who are trying to figure out how to apply lessons from the Dean campaign (among others) to their marketing efforts. I’d recommend attendees buy a copy of Joe Trippi’s book The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, which does a far better job than I laying out how the lessons of conversation, community and transparency apply equally to the corporate world.

On a separate note, let me also second J.D.‘s observation that the elevators at the Marriott Marquis would make Kafka spin in his grave. Truly they are a wonder of inefficiency, instilling terror and confusion into just about every poor schlub who needs to get up to the higher floors. I missed Alec Baldwin, but witnessed one poor woman near tears as she (again) missed her floor. Note to Syndicate attendees: take the escalators to five, you’ll save 15 minutes each way. You’re welcome.

More tomorrow, after I get some sleep. Send me your best wishes for a good night’s sleep, as it’s a bit tight in here.

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  1. Hi Rick — Just wanted to let you know you guys did a great job at the conference. I am a devoted fan of dailykos (have read Joe's book and enjoyed it tremendously) and am fascinated by both Democratic politics and the marketing on the internet. Someday I'd like to parlay my corporate job to something in politics…but I do like to eat.Anyway, I was shocked that the Dean campaign vets were part of the Syndicate conference (perhaps I've believed that conservatives were TRULY taking over everything!) and felt all my worlds colliding as you guys were speaking. Now I've got lots more “food for thought” from the stuff you guys talked about. Henry made a great moderator and Nicco and Markos and you were fascinating. Thanks for showing up.

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