Happiness is…

… A new Emily Lord CD, “Brand New Day”. Emily just recently chaired Mamapalooza in San Francisco, and she’ll be in New York in a few weeks at the NY Mamapalooza event.

Emily graduated from Notre Dame with my brother, then served active duty in the military for a number of years before committing to music full time. This is her third album, which follows an 8 month sabbatical in which she had her first child (a daughter). It’s produced by Mark Hallman, who’s produced some other women singer/songwriters you might have heard of — Carole King, Ani DiFranco, Shawn Colvin… It’s so nice to have Emily back.

I’m listening to it now (side note, testing the new Yahoo! Music Engine). The new version of “Can’t Kiss me Casually” will take some getting used to (the original version on 1995’s Beginnings is much more acoustic, this has a full band behind her with back-up vocals!), but it’s an absolute joy to hear Emily’s singing again. Update: She also re-records “Hey Joe”, also from Beginnings. Subtly different, but this version is far superior to the version on Beginnings. Guess it’s all a matter of personal taste… Her cover of Supertramp’s “Give a little bit” is wonderful, clearly sung to her daughter. Pictures from the recording session are here.

The music is relaxed, emotional and powerful. As Emily says, the album “provides a window into the life of a modern woman balancing career, relationships, and motherhood. Not a story of a modern day June Cleaver, but a voice to a generation of professional women who seek self-fulfillment in a complex world.” More here. Pick up a copy, you’ll be happy you did.

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