Going to Gnomedex

I’m looking forward to going to Gnomedex this year; it’ll be my first time, looks like it’ll be a ton of fun. Fellow Naperville blogger Mike Marusin will be there… who else that swings by here from time to time will be in Seattle next month?

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  1. Nope. Democrats only.Kidding, kidding. Yeah, I think there's likely to be a lot of good networking, discussions, etc. Haven't been before, but in years past the reports on the blogs have been really positive.

  2. Rick, I'm really looking forward to this year's Gnomedex. I think you're going to find it being one of the most worthwhile conferences of the bunch. Between an all-star line-up of speakers and and an amazing (yet small-ish) group of attendees, I think it'd be tough to find the amount of “smart” people who “get it” anywhere else.

  3. Goin' to GnomedexIt's final, the tickets are purchased and I'm going to Gnomedex. I have Rick Klau's blog to thank for this, as that's where I first heard of Gnomedex. This is the part where I should be talking about how great it will be, and how great it was last…

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