Flagstone – sharing what they know

Picked up this nugget from David Allen’s Getting Things Done blog:

Interesting thing about Flagstone is that one of their silver bullets is a company blog that they use to post up-to-the-minute potentially relevant data from their research in that industry. It has supported their positioning as the go-to people in that niche, because it makes it obvious and out there what they know.

The blog that David’s referring to is here (it requires registration to access; there’s a public blog here, which isn’t updated in real-time). I can’t pretend to understand much of the data on these pages (cue Chevy Chase: “It was my understanding there’d be no math.”), but it’s obvious that these guys both know their stuff, and aren’t afraid of sharing it because they realize it’s know not what they know that’s valuable, it’s how they apply what they know to current situations that helps their clients make money.

There’s a lesson there somewhere, methinks.

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