Backpack update

Happened upon a great deal downtown this weekend for the Victorinox backpack I mentioned a few days ago. I was also looking at the Tumi Bethune laptop which just wasn’t quite as roomy as the Victorinox. Best of all, Kaehler’s had the backpack on sale for almost $50 less than it’s selling for at Amazon, and $75 less than I’d seen it selling for locally.

I’m going to get my Roadwired Mega Media bag fixed up (couple zippers need some TLC) and then will sell it on eBay; it’s a great bag, just not ideal if you’re walking a couple miles a day with the thing on your back.

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  1. I love Victorinox bags, but, as I found out while traveling in the Middle East, having a Cross on your luggage/day bag can sometimes be problemmatic – particularly in hotspots like Iraq.

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