Tanned, rested

Nearly a week since my last post! Sulking over my election loss? Hardly… (And thanks to all who sent kind words and posted on their sites, I’ll be following up soon with personal thanks.) Just got back from a week in Florida where I was helping my parents celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary.

In attendance were my brother and his wife, their daughters, Robin and me and our boys. The 10 of us even made a trip just outside of Orlando last Monday to see my grandparents, who got to see all four great-grandchildren in the same place for the first time. What a thrill.

In the midst of this wonderful family bonding, my ThinkPad exacted its revenge and gave up on day one of the vacation, and my DSL line went flaky (which SBC blames on my request for a faster DSL line, which they offered me). Whatever. Thanks to the Mirra, I was able to relax during my vacation, knowing that my files were safely backed up and waiting for me to return.

Still getting back up to speed after a week with limited e-mail; I’ll get back to normal posting by Wednesday.

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