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Mostly for those of you reading in an aggregator, I’m making some changes to the blog this week. In no particular order:

  • back to one RSS feed. I used to make two feeds available, one with excerpts and one with the full feed. Thanks to FeedBurner’s stats, I know that the full feed was more than favored by 4-1, and I wanted to be able to get a complete view of my RSS readership instead of splitting it up across multiple feeds. Anyone subscribed to the ‘old’ feed (i.e., the excerpts) will simply start seeing the full feed in their aggregator, you shouldn’t need to change anything on your end.
  • After finally understanding what tags are all about (see my article in this month’s Law Practice Management for my attempt at explaining tags), I’ve started using for tagging. Once a day, the sites I bookmark using (man is it hard to type that!) will be posted to my RSS feed… consider it a bonus for anyone reading the blog in their aggregator.
  • Sidebar links. Not to leave those of you who read this site in a browser out in the cold, I’m going to experiment with a community bookmarking idea. Anyone can add a link they think readers of “tins” might like — just tag the link with “tins-links” using and it’ll show up. I doubt this will get abused, but if it does I’ll change the way it works. In the meantime, have fun with it.
  • Design changes. Mostly subtle, I’m going to play with how stuff is displaying on the home page so that it’s a little cleaner.

  • Flickr. Now that I’ve got a decent camera phone (it’s built into the Treo 650) and the unlimited data plan with Cingular, I’ll be taking snapsnots from time to time and uploading them to Flickr. You can see the most recent picture on the sidebar of the homepage.

Thanks, as always, for reading. I’m looking forward to making this a bit more of a group exercise…

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  1. I am just curious- I have a blog that gets a lot of traffic on Blogger- does it matter what feed I use? What am I missing- this is a bit arcane to me.

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