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Saw a very positive review of OnlyMyEmail, a web-based service that filters your email and grabs all viruses, spam and other nefarious email before you ever see it. Since I’m now using my Treo to check email when I’m away from the computer, handling all of the spam was really getting annoying. I’m using OME for its 10 day trial, will let you know how it goes. $3/month isn’t bad for the service (assuming it works well); will let you know. Anyone else have any experience with it?

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  1. I can post here with the Treo — couple of options. The included web browser (Blazer) can view Movable Type (a little bloated, but it gets the job done). When i was on vacation, my concession was posted that way.Chris Casey just recommended mo:blog, which is a Palm app that can post without all the bloat in the browser. If I find I'm doing a lot of posting from the Treo, that's likely the direction I'll go in.

  2. I was using onlymyemail and happy…but I got an email they couldn't filter and they sent me the same error message every 8 minutes. I complained, saying that was worse than spam, because I got hundreds of these emails from them. I said if this keeps happening I will have to leave them, and they cancelled my account! I replied saying that's not what I asked for but must have got the most anal employee in the world. He said since they couldn't possibly fix it in 8 minutes before the next message would come to me that my note meant to go ahead and cancel my account. I would have given them kudos because the reply almost instantly, but with support like this I don't look for them to be around too long. Most companies try to keep customers, and even if one explicitly asks to be removed, you try to remedy the situation and make the customer happy.Anyway, it shows these guys have not architected the overall process properly either…they obviously hit your pop server every 8 minutes and hold your email, and then server your email from their cache. They should hit it in real time when your client requests email, or at least make a real-time request at that time to get any mail that arrived at your pop server after their last hit. The way they do it now adds up to another 8 minute delay to getting email. I had noticed this before, and now know why it was happening.

  3. I´ve been using OnlyMyemail for months now, and I find that, after it “learns” some of your legitimate senders, it works great.Only thing annoying is that I can´t keep a copy of the messages to retrieve them form different computers.

  4. Stumbled on OnlyMyEmail through a recommendation on Quackwatch, & have signed up for the risible fee after my 30 days. It does do precisely & excellently what it claims – but I agree, the support needs to be sharpened. Responses to queries about setup varied between ambiguous and unhelpful – I had to figure out from scratch how to configure my email client. Still, there was a polite and immediate response to my feedback.

  5. I've been using OnlyMyEmail for several years and find the service extremely good. It's better to have an external spam filter than one on your compurter, since it prevents spam from even reaching your computer (less disk space used, less download time). And OnlyMyEmail does an excellent job filtering.

  6. I am having a problem with my onlymyemail account and i cannot access their website to inquire as to the problem.i'd appreciate any help in locating them or an acknowledgement that there is an overall problem with their servers.

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