Wax on, wax off

We enrolled my five year-old in the Kids Karate Club program this winter. He’s had a blast, and yesterday was his first tournament. He came in second in his division, a pleasant surprise given that most of the time it’s a roll of the dice whether he’s paying any attention to the sensei (let alone to me). He shut out his first opponent 3-0, and lost to the winner of the division by one point. (When your opponent is a full head shorter than you, it’s hard to defend those shots to the chest.)

He even got a trophy — which is proudly displayed on his dresser now. Next week, we (I’m enrolled as a parent helper — think tall punching bag) test for our yellow belts.

I just keep telling myself that if I stay with the program long enough, Elisabeth Shue might walk through the doors…

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  1. We now have an answer to the question: what will it take to get my wife to post to my blog?;)(And the answer to her question: yes, yes, of course. That's exactly what I meant.)

  2. I advise to 1) distract with a blow to the head and then 2) focus the attack on the groin. BTW, that advice is for Robin, not your young karateka.

  3. That's what you get for making obscure Karate Kid references, Rick.”In 1984, she co-starred in The Karate Kid as the onscreen girlfriend of Ralph Macchio.”

  4. Sorry, Rick, I was trying to help you… but Captain Obvious has apparently arrived to spoil the fun….BTW, to any visitor who didn't know Rick was referring to the Karate Kid, I'm curious to know how you got the internet connection to work under that rock….

  5. LOL.And to Will, who says that Elisabeth Shue co-starred in Karate Kid? Come now. We all know that Ralph Macchio was just window dressing for Elisabeth's star turn.Of course, her work in Karate Kid was eclipsed by The Saint, in which she played a nuclear physicist. (Don't you even think about claiming that Elisabeth Shue can't pull off a nuclear physicist.)And she hid the secret to cold fusion in her bra.(Note to Robin, who may still be monitoring this thread: her work as a nuclear physicist shows that she'll take good care of the kids and teach them a thing or two while we go out…)

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