Naperville hits the blog mainstream

I’ve written quite a bit about how much we love our home town, Naperville. The community, the downtown area, the family-friendly activities — it’s all wonderful. But now it appears there’s another reason for me to love Naperville: it’s a tech haven. Who knew?!

Consider that in last week’s Naperville Sun there was a feature story about Naperville residents who maintain their own blogs. Of the three residents interviewed, one was my friend Hiram Wurf, who started the site for his County Board run and is considering another run next year. In the meantime, his commentary on local politics is among the best in the state.

Then today comes a front-page business story in the same Naperville Sun that one of the most-listened to podcasts on the net is CronCast, a husband-and-wife team from Naperville who talk about life as parents in the burbs. (Kudos are in order, as it appears that they had their second baby yesterday! March 7 is a good birthday.) It’s a great show, this is definitely a couple I want to meet. (And the husband of the twosome, Kris Smith, has opened PaleGroove Studios, a podcast production company that will do custom podcasting solutions for a fee. Very cool!)

Don’t forget that another great Naperville podcast is lawyer Evan Brown’s Internet Cases.

And I just set up the software last night, I’ll be adding my voice to the net waves soon… it finally dawned on me that this was the answer for a wanna-be DJ (I was a DJ in college in law school). Stay tuned… (And be afriad. Be very afraid.)

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  1. Hi Rick,Thanks for the kind words about the show, my new project with Palegroove and of course the baby! She was 9 lbs 9 oz and health healthy healthy.I'd love to meet up with you guys here in Naperville.Gotta run and get back to the hospital.Cheers,Kris

  2. Rick, Naperville is also the most “stress free” city, according to an NPR report this morning. They surveyed a bunch of attributes of cities with over 100,000 residents. Hartford, CT was the most stressful.

  3. Does anyone have any suggestions for finding a parking spot near the downtown Naperville train station after 7:30 am? The daily fee spaces are filled up unless you can get there before 6:30-6:45 am or unless you can park after 9:00 am or you take a Pace bus. This is nuts!

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