Naperville bloggers meetup

A number of us have been swapping e-mails about getting together: Hiram, Kris, Evan, Jake and OneMan (who I hear will be showcasing his new haircut). There are a couple others who I’m aware of, so I started a MeetUp for Naperville bloggers to get together, talk shop, and drink. (Mostly to drink, actually.)

So if you’re a blogger in the area, our inaugural get-together is Tuesday night at the Red Door Tavern in Naperville. Join the group, RSVP if you can make it!

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  1. I can't make it back out for Tuesday's. I have to give a bit of a speech on the internet and suburban voters. Do you have keynote? I am putting together a presentation and I'd like you to look thru it. I will get you the text of it, if you don't have keynote.

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