Rosenberg out, endorses Dean – that’s the ballgame

Over at his website, Simon Rosenberg has announced:

Effective today, I am ending my campaign for chair of the Democratic National Committee. I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to share my vision with Democrats around the country, and I remain encouraged by the depth and thoughtfulness DNC members have brought to this important process of picking our next chair.

Today, I am endorsing Governor Howard Dean to be the next Chairman of the DNC. While we have not always agreed on every issue, I believe his passion for our Party, his remarkable fighting spirit, his direct and powerful way of speaking, and his commitment to bringing regular people back into our Party will allow him to revitalize our Party and help us win again in the 21st century.

I call upon my supporters, and Democrats from all parts of the Party and all parts of the country, to join me in supporting Governor Howard Dean as the next DNC chair.

And the official Dean blog is announcing a new round of endorsements, which would appear to seal the nomination for DNC chair a week ahead of time.

3 responses to “Rosenberg out, endorses Dean – that’s the ballgame”

  1. Shh! It's A Secret He's A Moderate. Howard Dean And The DNC ChairIt now appears that Howard Dean is the last candidate standing, with other contenders seeing he has the votes and the support to become the next DNC Chair next week. While some will see this as the beginning of Dean…

  2. Isn't it true that last week Howard Dean, almost certainly the next Democratic Party chairman, said: “I hate Republicans and everything they stand for.” Either Dean means what he says, in which case he is as unhinged as the rest of the party's Michael Moore caucus, or he does not, in which case he is a blowhard like, well, Moore. Yet for several weeks Dean has been one of the four most conspicuous Democrats on the national stage.

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