Obama on Amtrak

In today’s Chicago Tribune:

“Every year they make the same proposal and some of it is just ideological,” Democratic Sen. Barack Obama said today in Chicago. “It strikes me that we should make a greater investment in upgrading our rail system rather than eliminating the subsidies that already exist.”

More on this here.

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  1. Well in Houston, our wonderful former Mayor Lee “Out of Town” Brown stuck us with an $8 billion bill for 7 miles of lightrail.I simply think Amtrak's problem is advancement. It's simply the horse and buggy of commercial travel. Sure it's neat, but it costs and arm and a leg and takes 5 times as long to get anywhere than plane.I just think it's an antiquated system that's seen it's time come and gone. I road Amtrak every summer growing up with my grandmother. I hold fond memories as well. But with advancement comes the need to “just let it go.”

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