Bose SoundDock

<img src=”” align=“right”>As long as I’m talking about Bose toys, I should note how amazing the SoundDock is. When we moved the TV from the family room to the basement, the biggest adjustment wasn’t the lack of TV, it was the lack of music. Rather than get a stereo for the bookshelves, we instead got the Bose SoundDock.

It’s so good that you wonder why you’d listen to music any other way. For those that don’t know, the SoundDock is a docking station for your iPod: just drop the iPod in, and it acts as two Bose speakers for your music.

It’s shocking how good the sound quality is — room-filling, actually. It comes with a tiny remote to control volume and skipping ahead or behind in the playlist, and charges the iPod while docked. If you own an iPod and want to have thousands of songs accessible in your house, this is a great way to go. I really can’t recommend it highly enough. (Warning, however: spouses may exert increased ownership of the iPod once it’s in the house and so usable…)

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