Year of the Enterprise Wiki

Jon Udell posted to his blog about trends in enterprise wiki use, and had this to say about 2005:

As the Wiki phenomenon enters its second decade, it’s hard to predict just how the technology will evolve. Two things seem certain: Wiki culture will continue to thrive, and enterprise users will continue to seek lighter, easier collaboration tools.

His column at Infoworld included more detail about how organizations are increasingly looking to light-weight collaboration tools like Socialtext to improve their groups’ ability to work together.

What’s most exciting to me is that our growing customer list is not simply a list of early adopters; we have a great mix of tech-savvy users alongside groups who are simply looking for an easier way to work together. They know e-mail isn’t cutting it, they realize that some of the heavier tools aren’t practical (especially for smaller organizations) and they need something simple.

As Ross says, we had a great year, but we have a long way to go. Thanks to all who continue to make it a rewarding journey.

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