It’s a Cinderella Story

Ernie just set up a blog for his friend Steve, diagnosed with cancer. Steve seems to have a great attitude about the diagnosis and treatment.

When my friends Dave & Elise’s daughter was diagnosed with leukemia last year, they set up a blog to let us all know how she was doing. It was great for us, I know at times it was a lifeline for Dave & Elise (and extended family). Robin and I saw Hannah on New Year’s Day and she looked wonderful.

Blogs are a great way to help friends and family stay in the loop; and they have one advantage, thanks to the wonders of Google, over e-mail lists: helping others who just received a diagnosis to find people who’ve gone through it.

Speaking of which, today marks one full year without a febrile seizure. This is the big milestone — while he’s not “cured” (febrile seizures are outgrown, but not cured), getting through a full year without one is the first sign that Robby’s body may be growing out of the condition. It’s just one more sign that he’s coming through the tunnel he was in last year. Life goes on, and maybe this year we can make the chili and watch the Super Bowl without a trip to the E.R. (Here’s hoping Paul McCartney doesn’t have a wardrobe malfunction.)

Anyway, best of luck to Steve. In addition to the smoothie concession clerk, a bunch of us friends of Ernie have got your back too.

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