Illinois Democrats rule… in Washington

Superstar Senator on the cover of Newsweek and an upcoming appearance on Oprah. Minority Whip who’s willing to knock heads. Incoming head of the DCCC.

The fact that Illinois Democrats have cornered the market on some of the most visible (and substantial) roles in DC and yet this isn’t translating into a robust state organization is really starting to trouble me. I’ve been chair of the local party now for seven months. Our (Democratic) Governor passed through town last month with not so much as a mention to us (consequently not one member from our group had a chance to meet with him). I’ve seen nothing from the state party — not a flier, an e-mail, a phone call, nothing.

Just called the State Party HQ, and got voicemail. “We’re unable to take your call at this time.” Here’s hoping I get a call back.

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