Do you know where their money is?

12 year-old Naperville resident Andrew Gieseler found a sack of cash sitting outside the Target where my family shops. Specifically, there was $9,000 sitting on the walk-way outside the store. He picked it up, and making his Mom (and the town) proud, promptly handed it over to the Target customer service desk, who was able to identify the money as belonging to United Armored Services.

In a delicious irony, this is United Armored Services’ home page:

Do you know where your money is? Our customers do!


Anyway, Daily Herald reporter Marni Pyke called United Armored Services to ask if they’d provide a reward or somehow recognize this responsible twelve year-old for his good deed.

Their answer?

“No comment.”

Then they hung up.

One response to “Do you know where their money is?”

  1. The reason that United Armored staff said “No Comment” was because the reporter called on a Saturday, which was the day the money was lost, and no Upper Management personnel were available.

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